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Anime North 2017 – Cosplayers Showcase

Monday, 05 June 2017 580 Views 0 Comments

It came and went to fast , the glorious festival of otakudom that is Anime North. This year had our beloved con see some interesting circumstances of sharing the space with a political convention, which didn’t cause any problems (outside of a shortage of parking) but definitely lead to some great tweets and memes.

I went to this beloved convention with a couple expectations, especially concerning what was going to be popular in terms of cosplay, and I was delightful surprised. I was expecting an endless mob of tan jackets and breakaway box cutter-esk swords ( you figure it out ) and was instead treated to a cornucopia of diverse cosplays and even more diverse fans.

It was a year that made me love being an anime fan, it’s a time when there is so much content and people are enjoying that fact. Where this truly benefits us is when we make our convention videos. It means we have so much cosplay to show you and it’s so much fun to put these videos together.

So please enjoy this video of some of the awesome cosplay from this year’s Anime North convention and let us know if you’re in the vid so we can give you a ¬†shout out.


Music courtesy of Argofox.



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