March Studio Sessions – Helsey Steampunk

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 438 Views 0 Comments

A rare opportunity to for the Otaku Crypt portable studio came up which meant the studio got to have a permanent home for a week. This also meant that we were able to shoot some awesome photo sets of some rad people. It also is starting to show the time, effort and investment we’ve made to creating our own content which always serves to share the amazing people in the anime and cosplay community.

With Spring on the horizon and our shutter fingers itching we brought one of our oldest and dearest friends in for our first studio session. Helsey Cosplay is a gal who will out drink, out sing and out nerd most who have the great pleasure of her company. And a rare break in her busy civilian life brought her to the white screen we’ve loving dubbed “The Construct” (10 cool points if you get it) for a shoot in her simple but classy and sassy Steampunk look.

We’re big fans of steampunk here cause is a great medium for original designs and concepts and has very few barriers to entry, which also leads to more ambitious forays into the glory of cosplay. Enjoy the gallery and make sure to send Helsey Cosplay some love and tell her we sent ya, and check out some her other shoots like her Rogue Gallery here.



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